Kedma Dead Sea Mineral Hair Mask: The Only Hair Mask You’ll Ever Need

woman having her hair rinsed Most of us consider our hair our crowning glory. Just looking at your hair can give someone an impression of how good you are in taking care of yourself. Your hair also symbolizes health and grooming which can certainly affect the way people perceive.

This is why many people are obsessed with having perfectly luscious hair; some even go as far as trying hair treatments if it means achieving gorgeously beautiful locks. While I can’t consider myself as someone who’s really into hair care, I always make an effort to keep my locks healthy and bouncy.

Along with using paraben- and sulfate-free hair products, I regularly treat my hair with a mineral-based hair mask from Kedma, skincare authority in the Philippines. In case you’re wondering what hair mask is, allow me to give you a quick explanation of what it can do.

Hair Mask in a Nutshell

The hair mask is a type of hair treatment that contains formulated solution of oils, minerals, and other hydrating ingredients that are essential to hair growth. It plays a critical role in supplying the nourishment your hair and scalp require to repair any damage and encourage their recovery.

Now, don’t get confused as you’ll find a variety of them. That’s why you have to understand the type of hair you have. This will help you identify the best formula to use.

I choose this mineral-based hair mask from Kedma because I want to maintain the level of moisture and shine of my hair. So, it’s essential you determine your hair type so you could easily identify your hair goals.

What a Hair Mask Does

woman holding a bottle of hair mask

The hair mask is relatively different from your shampoo and conditioner. However, just like the two hair products, it’s essential in keeping the bounce and volume in our locks. For me, although I’m perfectly okay with my hair before, I noticed that there are times that my hair and scalp gets oily or dry.

This is why I decided to look for additional treatment to help address the problem. Luckily for me, the mask did more than just solve the issue but also improve the shine and lusciousness of my hair.

A Good Hair Mask Routine

I regularly use a hair mask once every week. I’m very consistent with this routine especially when I apply or use too much chemical in it throughout the week. Sometimes, I can’t help to blow-dry or iron out my hair so the hair mask is the only time it can recover from all those damages.

My Recommendation

Hair masks are definitely a must for me. I would consider this as the most natural way to repair and heal damaged hair. Even if you have perfectly beautiful locks, I think it is still necessary to treat it with a hair mask, so it’ll remain strong and beautiful as it grows.

In addition, being consistent with this hair routine would certainly leave you with fully nourished locks which can boost your confidence and make you feel happier about yourself.