How to Blur Your Pores with Makeup


If you’re constantly scrutinizing your pores in front of the mirror and don’t like the look of your huge pores, you’re not alone. Huge pores are very common.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce the look of large pores so you can apply your makeup easily and without magnifying your already huge pores. Ahead is sound advice on concealing your pores with the use of the right products.

1. Look for products with pore minimizing ingredients

Because pore size is genetic, you can’t make them smaller. You can, however, soften and make them look smaller. The easiest way to do this is by ensuring that they’re clear. This means that you should opt for non-comedogenic skin products and makeup.

It’s also best to avoid products with mineral oils since these could clog your pores and make them more pronounced. Before going to bed at night, make sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser and then use a toner that contains pore minimizing and clearing ingredients such as niacinamide and witch hazel, and then proceed with your skincare regimen.

2. Apply pore minimizing primer to your target areas

Applying your primer on areas where you have huge pores will help save your product and ensure that you’re focusing on where you really need it. Apply your primer after everything else, including sunscreen, and then you can do your makeup. This will result in a naturally airbrushed appearance.

3. Use pore-filling makeup products

smooth skin

Applying foundation after the primer is also an excellent trick to further blur your pores. However, you need to make sure that your foundation is the buildable kind to prevent caking and cracking, which can make your pores look bigger as your foundation fades throughout the day.

When applying your foundation, make sure to press into your pores using a damp beauty sponge for best results, and build it up to reach your desired coverage. If you’re not into heavy foundations (most pore-filling formulations are), consider the Mineral Makeup Cream from Kedma Cosmetics Philippines.

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, this makeup cream corrects and conceals imperfections and blurs your pores. Depending on how big your pores are, you might not even have to use primer under this. It also contains vitamins E and A as well as sun filters to protect against sun damage and premature aging.

4. Top off with powder

To further reduce the look of big pores, always top off your foundation or makeup with powder. Apply loose or pressed powder using a brush, dry sponge, or powder puff and press the powder lightly to fill in your pores. This will also help make sure that your makeup stays on for as long as possible.

Just make sure to choose finely milled powders to get that extra blurred and airbrushed effect. In addition, make sure that it matches your makeup underneath. When in doubt, opt for a translucent powder.

If large pores are killing your makeup game, keep these tips in mind the next time you do your makeup. With the right tools and products, you could say goodbye to large pores until you take off your makeup.