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Do I Have Dehydrated Skin?

It could be tough to determine your exact skin type without consulting a dermatologist, which is the reason why many people misdiagnose their skin type. Add to that the fact that your skin is prone to various changes, meaning that you probably won’t have the same skin

The Wonders of Cocoa Butter

When people hear the word cocoa, one thing immediately comes to mind: rich, delicious desserts like chocolate pieces, candies, cakes, and other kinds of sweets. But there is more to the cocoa plant than just feeding the stomach. Cocoa’s medicinal properties have been acknowledged by people even

Hand Creams: Why You Need Them

You might be investing a lot in your facial skin care regimen to mask your real age. After all, a good skin care routine (plus diet and lifestyle) can make you look literally younger than your age. But, if you do not take care of the other

6 Tried and Tested Ways to Get Glowing Skin

Your face is definitely one of the first things people notice about you. Some even say it’s an indicator of how good you feel. For instance, do you remember having an acne breakout the last time you felt stressed? That’s not pure coincidence. Using premium products from