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Origani Philippines’ Regenerating night cream deserves to be your next anti-aging skin care.

It’s a scientific fact that nighttime is when your skin regenerates, rebuilds cells and tissues and repairs damage incurred from exposure to different elements. Giving your skin nourishment at this time of the day helps it absorb the nutrients from the products you use better, making them more effective. This is why the richest, most beneficial and healing products are usually meant for use at night.  You’d be less worried about how it works with your daytime beauty routine, too!

One product that you should definitely not skip at night is your moisturizer. Left overnight, your moisturizer is absorbed deeper into your skin, making its hydrating effects more lasting and repairing the damage at the cellular level. The result you get is softer, more radiant and healthy-looking skin in the morning.

I needed a night cream that was rich but wasn’t too heavy that my skin couldn’t breathe. I also needed something that would not give me rashes or trigger my allergies. I’ve been crazy about organic products lately because of their compatibility with my skin, and so I was looking for an organic night cream to try. That’s when I came across  Origani Philippines’ Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream.

Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream

Image from Origani.com.ph

Product Information

Origani, a series carried by Organi Singapore, features a line of luxury skin care and cosmetic products made in Australia.  They only use certified organic ingredients and do not conduct animal testing (double yaaaaay!).

The Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream is part of their Gods’ Nectar line, a line formulated specifically for dry skin. I wanted to give my skin a luxury treat and it just so happens I have dry skin, and so I bought one in Origani Philippines in SM Paranaque Mall.


Testing the Product

I went about with my usual nighttime skin care routine:  facial wash and warm water and toner. I skipped my serum the first night because I wanted to know how much this cream would moisturize my skin without the aid of my other moisturizing products. I applied the Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream all over my face and my neck area, massaging upwards as recommended by beauty experts to avoid pulling my skin too hard. The cream is rich without feeling hot on my skin – it didn’t feel like my pores were being clogged at all. I went to bed afterward and when I woke up, I noticed a difference immediately.

My skin was softer to the touch, but it wasn’t greasy from excess oil. The stubborn dry spots on my face like my forehead and the sides of my nose, which don’t easily respond to new products and keep peeling from dryness, were moisturized and not peeling the morning after. There was no redness, itchiness or burning sensation, which meant the product was compatible with my skin type. I used it again the next night, this time with my serum, and my skin felt even more hydrated than ever.

I had to visit their website to check what ingredients were in their night cream. The cream features twelve natural oils and extracts, each known for their antibacterial, antiseptic, repairing, hydrating and nourishing properties. But what interested me was the main ingredient: Beracare ARS body system.

Product Quality

Night Cream Ingredients

Image from Origani.com.ph

The Beracare ARS body system is derived from a combination of passion fruit seed oil, babassu nut oil and acai berry fruit oil. This is the best combination your skin can ever ask for:

  • Passion fruit seed oil contains vitamin A and potassium which promotes health of your skin. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties, making it ideal for acne-prone and irritated skin.
  • Babassu seed oil is rich in benefits: it has vitamin E for preventing the growth of free radicals in your cells; it has anti-aging and collagen protection properties; and it has a high concentration of lauric acid, a natural antibacterial. It’s also an ideal remedy for people with acne problems, eczema and other itchy skin problems.
  • Acai is well-known for being a strong antioxidant, making it perfect for anti-aging. It is also rich in fatty acids that tighten your skin so you look younger.

These three things combined in the Beracare ARS body system help fight the skins of skin aging while keeping your skin hydrated and protected. They’re all naturally occurring in the environment too, and because Origani Philippines boasts all their ingredients are certified organic, you can expect this moisturizer not to have any harmful chemicals and toxins in its formula.

The cream actually seems more like a thickened serum in that it comes in a beautiful plastic green bottle with a pump. This is not an inexpensive cream, so the pump helps control the amount that you use on your face without making a mess. In line with their purely organic approach to skin care, Origani Philippines’ products also come in recyclable containers, so once you finish this bottle you can put it in the recycling bin and take it to your local recycling facility. How’s that for beauty with a cause?

It’s been a few days since I started testing this, and I have to say I’m happy with the results. My skin seems brighter, my blemishes are beginning to fade and my fine lines seem to have been reduced a little. Most importantly, my skin has stayed hydrated without being oily throughout the time that I’ve been using the Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream. It’s my new must-have in my nightly skin routine!

Don’t expect this to come cheap, however – remember what I said earlier about Origani Philippines being a luxury series. At ₱8,400.00, it’s on the more expensive side of skin care. But I can tell you from my experience with this product that it’s worth every penny spent. It’s given me more reasons to love organic skin care products, and makes me want to switch to an entirely organic skin care regime.

You can find more information on Origani’s Gods’ Nectar Regenerating Night Cream on their website.

I hope this review has provided you useful insights. Stay tuned for the next!