Hand Creams: Why You Need Them


You might be investing a lot in your facial skin care regimen to mask your real age. After all, a good skin care routine (plus diet and lifestyle) can make you look literally younger than your age.

But, if you do not take care of the other parts of your body, particularly your hands, then your real age can be easily exposed to others. How? Like the skin in your face, the skin in your hands and in your whole body, age as well.

But unlike your other body parts, your hands are a lot more exposed to a lot of elements and circumstances on a regular basis. Kedma Skincare’s hand cream can help take care of not just your face, but also your hands and other parts of the body.

But in order to start taking your hand’s health into consideration, it is first important to understand the role of hand creams.

Why do you need a hand cream?

Washing your hands regularly before you touch your food is recommended. After eating, you are also tasked of washing the dishes, wiping the counter clean and then washing your hands again. Then, you also shower on a daily basis.

Giving your pets a bath is also on your thing to do list so is tending to your garden and watering the plants. These are just some of the most common activities that people do which involve the use of your hands and its exposure to various elements.

Water itself is an element, so is your shampoo, body wash, dishwashing liquid, and the soil that touches your hand when you are gardening. This, along with the weather, can affect the skin in your hands.

They might not be the most sensitive part of your body, but continued exposure to various elements can remove the natural moisture of your hands, which can lead to dryness and wrinkling. Because of this, you need an effective hand cream that will not only restore moisture, but also one that can help your hands heal and rejuvenate.

How do you choose the right hand cream

 woman's hand

Different people have different skin types. Therefore, it is important to choose a hand cream based on yours. People with dryer skin would benefit from heavy creams while those who are leaning on the oily side can enjoy a lighter one.

If you are the sensitive type, choosing one that is hypoallergenic and those without heavy fragrances is always a safe option. The more natural ingredients your hand cream has, like Kedma’s Dead Sea minerals, the better it is for your skin’s overall health.

Also, you might want to consider its function. While most hand creams are made to help moisturize the skin, there are also ones that have anti-aging properties and those that help remove dead skin cells allowing easy exfoliation for your part.

Also, it is important to always choose from trusted companies who specializes in skin care products. Putting fake hand creams is worse than not using anything at all.

Choosing a hand cream is no rocket science. But an informed mind can help you make a purchase you won’t regret.