The Things I Do to Make My Huge Pores Appear Smaller

woman with no visible poresLarge pores can be unattractive. They are also more prone to breakouts and excessive oil, which is why I make sure to take good care of my skin to avoid these problems.

Use a Primer

The first thing that I do is apply the Perfect Base Primer from Origani Philippines’ facial care collection. This fills my pores right away, making my skin look smoother. This is a great base for your foundation and other makeup products, as the products will lay perfectly on your skin without sinking into your pores.

I never forget to use this before putting my makeup on, as with large pores, there’s a huge possibility that your makeup will easily sink in through your skin, which can cause extreme breakouts. The primer acts as a barrier, preventing the makeup from going into your pores. Talk about your skin being protected and having filled pores in no time.

Wash Your Face at Night

I also make sure to remove my makeup before going to bed. I use a makeup remover—micellar water and a piece of cotton to be exact. The skin repairs itself at night, which is why it’s important to remove your makeup and follow your skincare routine. The products will be well absorbed during this time, leaving your pores clean in the morning.

There’s also this old tale that ice and cold water can close your pores, though it’s not scientifically backed up. I personally use cold water to rinse my face after washing it with a gentle facial cleanser to “close my pores.” And besides, you won’t lose anything if you try this trick.

You can also try avoiding eating oily types of food to prevent your huge pores from getting irritated. Follow your skincare routine, visit a dermatologist every once in a while and you’re all set!