The Wonders of Cocoa Butter

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When people hear the word cocoa, one thing immediately comes to mind: rich, delicious desserts like chocolate pieces, candies, cakes, and other kinds of sweets. But there is more to the cocoa plant than just feeding the stomach. Cocoa’s medicinal properties have been acknowledged by people even thousands of years ago. In fact, it provides a lot of benefits to the body that it is also used as a skin care, among others.

Kedma Skincare Philippines is among those dedicated to using natural ingredients infused with Dead Sea salt to provide the skin with the right amount of care and nourishment it needs. Numerous people around the world enjoy the use of cocoa, particularly cocoa butter to keep the skin healthy. Still not convinced on how your favorite snack can be beneficial to your skin? Understanding what cocoa butter is can help change your perspective about this wonder plant.

What is cocoa butter?

As mentioned, cocoa butter is derived from the cocoa plant. Yes, it is the same plant that produces chocolate. Cocoa butter is the fats extracted from the beans itself through a process of roasting, stripping, and pressing. This whole process then separates the fat or the cocoa butter. What remains of the beans is then made into cocoa powder.

Now that you know where cocoa butter came from, it would be nice to understand further how it helps your skin.

Benefits of using cocoa body butter:


Cocoa butter, because it is technically fats, is well known for its moisturizing properties. So why use cocoa body butter instead of lotion? The skin absorbs everything that touches it. More often than not commercialized lotion contains synthetic chemicals like paraben which can be bad for the body. Turning all natural and utilizing the wonders of cocoa body butter can help do the same job, minus the possible negative effects.


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The skin is exposed to various elements daily. The harmful rays of the sun, the pollution on the street, and even the soap that touches your body can strip your skin’s defenses down. The use of cocoa body butter adds another layer of defense that not only protects your skin, but also locks in moisture that your body needs.


Because cocoa body butter is technically fat, but a good kind of fat, it contains a huge amount of Omega-3 which is good for the body. It also has other nourishing minerals like Vitamins A, C, and E which serves as anti-oxidants to the body.


Cocoa butter has natural medicinal properties because it helps contain inflammation and also has anti-bacterial properties. Using cocoa butter on your skin can help people suffering from eczema breakouts, as well as rashes, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Truly, cocoa is a wonder plant that is not given the credit that it deserves. But now that you know more about it, perhaps it is time to switch to cocoa body butter and see how you can enjoy the benefits of using it in your skin.