Black Pearl Skin Care Philippines’ Hyaluronic Night Cream’s Skin Restoration

Black Pearl Cosmetics' Skin Restoration's Superb in Getting That Youthful Glow Back!
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Our Filipina beauty reviewer got her skin’s youthful radiance back by using Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics’ Hyaluronic Night Cream!

As we get older our skin needs more help in maintaining its moisture. We look older as our skin loses its natural moisture. Our beauty routine should target skin hydration to delay the aging process. Thankfully, with technological advancements, this is now attainable.

I have heard of Black Pearl Cosmetics recently through a friend who has been a long time avid user of their anti-aging products. Just looking at her skin, I was already sold on trying out some of Black Pearl’s products. I found out that the company leads an extensive Research and Development program to formulate anti-aging products. These aim to help retain the healthy function of the skin and prevent its aging. I have been feeling a little too old for my age lately. And so I thought indulging my skin with the right products would help. This is not just to look young but also to feel young.

black-pearl-cosmetics-philippines-hyaluronic-creamI have a rigorous beauty ritual before going to bed. So I find it practical to invest in the perfect night cream. My old night cream was just fine, but my skin still felt a little dry and I still found it looking and feeling tired. While browsing Black Pearl’s product line, I found their Hyaluronic Night Cream was the perfect item to try first. It promised to deliver optimal overnight nourishment. It also boasted to replenish, restore and rejuvenate. Something I felt my skin needed.


Hyaluronic acid sounds like something scientists have just recently come up with. according to wikipedia, this is a natural occurring glycosaminoglycan abundant in our body. Glycosaminoglycan are polysaccharides that are an important component of connective tissue. It is a major component of the skin, deeply involved in tissue repair.

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain moisture. One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water! As we get older, the presence of this natural molecule in our skin diminishes. We know that dry skin equals to aging skin. We need to keep the skin moisturized to help it look young and supple, and to avoid the formation of wrinkles. The topical application of this acid forms a moisture barrier on the skin by attracting moisture naturally.

This is why there is an extensive publicity for this particular component. First, because it is naturally occurring and second because it has the fascinating ability to retain and attract moisture! It is a must have cosmetic ingredient!


The reason why I use a night cream is because the skin repairs well at night when it is less exposed to UV rays and other external factors.

Black Pearl’s Hyaluronic night cream has other notable ingredients that works well with the hyaluronic acid. It contains the ultimate lipid moisturizer called Lipigenine. It is a flax seed extract that helps skin moisturized by restoring lipid content. This helps the skin repair itself.

Another ingredient is Chronogen which acts as an anti-aging agent, revitalizing and regenerating the skin. It helps maintain the skin’s natural cellular rhythm and guards against UV damage.

The cream also boasts of Black Pearl’s trademark ingredients that are sourced directly from the Dead Sea. These minerals are known to improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and enhance skin renewal.

Antioxidant ingredients, such as Shea butter and jojoba oil are also part of the rich formula that help boost hydration and aid in skin repair.


Black Pearl Hyaluronic Night CreamThe cream comes in a 30 ml bottle in Black Pearl’s sleek packaging. I would have preferred if it was in a squeeze tube or a traditional tub but the bottle does help with controlling the amount you apply to your face and neck. With a tub, you tend to scoop a lot. With the tube, an accidental hard squeeze will waste a lot of your product.

The design is also consistent with the other hyaluronic range of Black Pearl.

To apply, you need to make sure that the cleansing part of your ritual is over. Your face and neck should be makeup and dirt free. As per the instructions on the packaging, you need to massage the cream gently in circular motions. This will help the skin fully absorb the product.


My biggest concern was the premature aging of my skin brought about by stress, and unfriendly environmental factors. I was patient with the results (which did not happen overnight)  as I knew these things took time. And after less than a week of religiously applying the product at night, there was an evident change in the texture of my face and neck!

It didn’t just feel moisturized, it felt young and healthy! There is now a certain radiance that can be seen whenever I wake up. It is also evident through out the day! I don’t even need to slather on moisturizer before I go to work (but I still do for the SPF protection). And my skin still feels soft even before I go to bed. Black Pearl’s Hyaluronic Night Cream has truly helped make my skin feel replenished, restored and rejuvenated. I have started recommending it to my friends and relatives whenever they notice the new glow to my skin!